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Here I am in April of 2009 at my heaviest weight recorded - 280lbs.  I figured, what the hell....let's start this off with a bang and show 'em my good side HA!

In all of these photos, I've removed images of folks I hadn't talked to first about posting them.  You'll be interested to know that this picture was taken at my sister in law's bridal shower and I guessed charge of the food (self-appointed).

Something else interesting:  I actually thought these jeans "slimmed" me.  I clearly hadn't seen my backside.

Mid May, 2009 - Weight 275-ish

Notice the shoulder wrap on this dress?  Yeah I went ahead and ordered that at an extra $25 so my fat shoulders wouldn't show and, in my mind "ruin the wedding."  Taking pictures that day was EXCRUCIATING.  I felt ugly and horribly out of place, despite being so happy for my sister in law and her husband.  On the right you'll see my many chins (and my beautiful oldest daughter)

July, 2009 - Weight - approx. 265lbs

On a trip to the zoo, I decided I'd really like to have a picture of me and my oldest daughter.  So I shoved her in front of me hoping she'd hide me.  NO SUCH LUCK!  But it is one of my favorite pictures of the two of us, despite the fact I'm not happy with how I look in it. 

September, 2009   Weight - Approx. 260 Lbs

I'm including this one since it's the closest to the weight I started at when I started this blog.  The good news is, this was a year before I started the blog and I maintained that weight for about a year

This was my daughter's 5th birthday party.  Notice the flip flops?  I wear them in the summer because I can't find any cute sandals that go with big legs.  Seriously.  I aim to change that this summer.

Late November, 2009.  Weight - Around 260

I'm also including this one because I LOVED the photos from this shoot.  However, every time *I* was in one, I instantly thought, "I ruined that picture too."  As I looked over all the amazing photos I said to myself, "You have such a beautiful family....except for yourself."  I know in my heart that's not true, but it is certainly the way I have felt (and continue to feel at times) in the past.

April 8, 2011  Weight - 237.0

I had to go shopping this morning for something to wear to a wedding I'm attending tomorrow.  I "normally" (= used to) wear a size 3X.  I brought in a 3X and a 2X and tried the 2X first.  And here ya go, people.  It FIT!  Lord knows I have a long way to go, but this felt so GOOD!

For the record I'm actually looking forward to shopping for clothes when I'm down some more weight (see my incentives on the home page of the blog). 

Oh - and the sunglasses?  I forgot to take them off before going into the store, and because they're prescription sunglasses, I really had no choice but to stick with them!

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