Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Fair, Redone

Last night we went to the county fair. Normally this would be an excuse to eat anything and everything that presented itself to me. Corndog? Yeah! Funnel Cake? Yeah! Cotton Candy? Yeah! "Well it's only once a year....." would be my rationalization. I rationalize things pretty well, I think. Or maybe too well. I don't know if it's too well or not well enough. Either way, "ratoinalize" is just another way to spell "excuse."

So last night, here's what we did: We bought a blackberry shake-up (way better than the lemon ones!) and ONE funnel cake and we shared both things among the four of us. And because two children were involved, Aron and I didn't get much of either (which was kind of the point). We all enjoyed what we had and just enjoyed being together more than the food. Maybe that's not as hard as I thought it was. Great time had by all!

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