Thursday, November 4, 2010

Good Talk, Good Times

My brother Lou and I have always shared a lot in common. We've both got a similar twisted sense of humor. We both agree that Boone's Farm is about as gourmet-wine as we get. We were both always the fattest of the 4 kids in our family. He and I have always shared a love of food. As adults we still shared a love of food but we also got fatter together, despite the fact that we live 1900 miles away from each other.

He's inspired me to get serious about this fitness stuff. I've seen a strength in him this past year that has just knocked my socks off. He has lost a lot of weight so far and has become an Independent Beachbody Coach, helping others on their Journey To Fitness. He is rockin' this thing with a commitment that is just incredible.

I got a chance to just chat with him today which was really just what I needed. Yeah we talked some fitness stuff, and he came up with some great ideas for me. Mostly, though, talking to him just helps bring me back to reality with weight-loss and so much more. I'm so glad to be able to call him my brother and my friend.

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