Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Break

I kind of "unplugged" this weekend. I wasn't online much at all, and truthfully it was kind of nice. I'm sort of a Facebook addict - well, not an addict really, but I do quite a bit of Facebooking from my phone. And I leave the laptop open pretty much all day with Facebook up and running. But this weekend I just didn't.

I didn't blog, either. Ya'll missed me, didn't you?

I've got an under-the-weather 2 year old today, so that means my gym plans are put to the side, at least for another day. But that's ok. My kid comes before the gym.

I've been pondering something, maybe you guys can help me. Many years ago I joined Weight Watchers and went to meetings. This was several years after I was married but before I had children. I lost 50 pounds actually quite easily. Then life happened and I got away from it. Fast forward about 10 years. There are no meetings in my area that I can attend due to work / kid obligations. So I'm considering doing the online program. Do any of you do that? A good cyber friend recommended it and I'm seriously considering it. What do you all think?

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  1. you are so focused now evev with all your obligations you will do good i think


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