Thursday, January 13, 2011

30 Days of Pictures - Day 2

Day 2 - "A picture of you and the person you've been the closest with the longest."

This one was pretty easy. That jamoke to the left is my big brother, Lou. He and I have always been close. When we were kids he'd pick on me and tell me not to tell dad. He used to have a dirt bike and would give me rides. I thought it was funny to tell him I was falling off the back when I wasn't. So one day when I was, he didn't believe me. When I fell off, he came back to where I was laying on the ground and say, "Don't tell dad."

Another time we were given the prestigious job of hauling firewood into the house from the outside shed. In an effort to speed up our dreaded job, we worked out a system where he'd stay close to the wood pile, and I'd stay near the door where the wheelbarrow was. He'd toss pieces of wood to me which I'd stack in the wheelbarrow. Inevitably, he started speeding up and I couldn't keep up. So of course he sped up some more. When I finally came to after being hit in the head with a piece of firewood, guess what the first words I heard were? "Don't tell dad."

My brother and I share a strange sense of humor. And even though my memory leaves something to be desired, when he and I talk, we can both remember jokes we told or pranks we pulled 25 years ago.

He and I have always had a relationship with food which wasn't really the healthiest. But we both packed on pounds together when we were younger. Our love of food and lack of something else as children (I still don't know what it is) led to our addictive behaviors when it comes to food. That's something we share that kinda sucks. But the good news is, we're both working hard to overturn these behaviors. It's hard, but it has been really nice having his support and being able to bounce ideas off him and exchange tips and tricks. Although he lives half a country away, we've got this bond that seems to transcend time and space. We're sci-fi like that.

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