Monday, March 7, 2011

20 Pounds GONE!

I'm about me some motivation.  That's why I created my motivation incentives (which is fancy-speak for PRIZES!).  I had some trouble with the 10lbs lost prize.  I awarded it to myself and then promptly gained back almost all of those 10 pounds.

THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT!  I earned back that 10 pound loss (but did not give myself more flowers - see motivation incentives in the column to the left), plus ANOTHER 10 pounds.  That's right, folks - for those of you who aren't good at math (like me - totally had to rock the calculator on that one), that TWENTY pounds I've lost.  And I'm proud of every single one.

This step in the PRIZE schedule is a magazine subscription. But I went one better ('cause that's just how I roll).  I got the new Weight Watchers Cookbook (with all kinds of rockin' recipes all with PointsPlus values) which INCLUDED a magazine subscription for Weight Watchers magazine.  So I figure the cookbook was just a technicality and I got the intended prize.

I'm really excited about both.  I've already been eying over the cookbook and have plans for several of the recipes in it.  I think that every cookbook ever made from here on in should at least have all nutritional values listed for the recipes.  It makes life so much easier!

So, yay me!  I'm very proud of coming this far and am looking forward to telling you all about my next motivation incentive - at 30 pounds lost, Aron and I get a date night out.  Just us!

Thanks to everyone for their awesome support!


  1. Yay you!!! That is so awesome!!! Keep up the great work!!! you are going to have to keep us posted about your fave recipes!! :)

  2. Go girl!!! I love WW magazine it is such a good read with such a variety of articles.....let me know how that cookbook works out.

  3. WOOT! 20lbs down! Outstanding, keep it up!

  4. YAY FOR COLLEEN!!!!!!!!! You are doing great! And I totally love the goal for 80 pounds. I'm thinking a trip to Fred and Victoria's stores might be involved for that one. And how fun would that be??? In fact, maybe I could drive to St. Louis and meet you for that one! (As long as you drive in the city. I sick at driving in traffic. Traffic here is 3 cars waiting to turn out of the walmarts.)

  5. Awesome!!! i love the idea of the incentive prizes and the fact that you posted them. I'm gonna think about incorporating that. Congrats and God Speed reaching the next goal!

  6. Fantastic! That is really wonderful - keep it up! I like the incentives you give yourself - really love the Fancy Pants!!!


  7. I am a big fan of incentives! I bought myself an hour massage for my first 10 lbs and put the gift card in my wallet as a reminder ... it's working so far!!

    Congrats on your success!

  8. Just wanted to stop by and say hi, I just recently started following your blog. I too am on a journey to losing weight and getting healthy and I have a blog. Looking for others going through the same journey for support. Good job on the weight loss!

  9. Congrats Colleen! You're doing awesome!

  10. Thank you everyone!! I am very excited!

    I'm making one of the WW cookbook recipes tonight (Nachos Grande!) so I'll let you know how it turns out!


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