Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm a Guest Poster (for @leavingfatville !)

I wrote a neat little post about momentum in weight loss, and it's up and looking all shiny at the Leaving Fatville blog!

Leaving Fatville has lost 60 pounds so far.  Did you hear that? SIXTY!  That's a lot of pounds and she's still going strong.  She'd really like to attend the FitBloggin 2011 conference in Baltimore being held in May.  If anyone deserves to go, it's this chick.  She's so super-awesome that not only does she blog me the heck away any day, she also runs The Great Clothing Exchange - which is a place to get rid of your clothes that don't fit anymore and pick up some that do!  So please check out her blog and consider donating a little something so she'll be able to go!

Thank you, thank you, Leaving Fatville, for having me as a guest on your awesome blog today!!

Head to now!!

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