Saturday, December 3, 2011

#resound11 Post 2 - "Vices"

For entry 2 of #resound11 post, I'm to write about the following:

Did you slip back into any old habits that you wish you hadn't? Did you gain any new habits that you wish you would have walked away from? Did you discover the evils of Nutella? 'Fess up ... we won't tell.
This prompt may sound dark and dreary, but we'll be back to our sunshine selves tomorrow. Take today to reflect on a vice (or two or twelve) that you'd like to give up in the new year.

Vices.....and not the kind you find in Miami, I assume, since I'm not all coked up like 1980s Miami evidently was.

To be honest, here toward the end of the year I can see some of my fat girl eating surface again which has to be just cut out.  My friend Jessie and I are slotted to make a clean slate starting tomorrow (we both have Saturday weigh ins) and plan to be all hardcoare until Christmas together.  Traditionally we DO fall apart together, but we also can kick some serious ass together, so I'm looking forward to that!!

1 comment:

  1. Glad you have a friend to see you through the holiday eating season! :)

    See you tomorrow. :)


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