Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The First Week

I did make it to Weight Watchers last week for my first weigh in and the number sort of punched me in the face, but I knew I had a lot of work to do.

And then I worked.  I planned. I prayed.  I did some digging into my issues.  I drank a lot of water and I did not feel like I wasn't satisfied once over the past week.  I didn't exercise as much as I have in the past but I'm easing in to that.  Saturday night I even had some ice cream that was more delicious than any I've ever wolfed down in two minutes.

At yesterday's weigh in I was rewarded with a 5.2 pound loss for my first week of work.  I know my loss number will rarely be that big, but I'm happy with it.  My pal Jean had over a NINE POUND loss!  That shows you just how much of a difference just switching from regular soda to diet soda makes.  In the coming weeks she'd like to switch from diet soda to water but she's making small steps and seeing great rewards.

Support is a big piece of this puzzle.  I've got the support of Jean, my husband, my mother-in-law, my best pal Beth, my friends, and all of you.  I am so blessed and promise to work just as hard this week too!

How's everyone doing out there?


  1. I'm glad its working out for you, thats a good loss for first week. Hopefully it will get easier for you as the weeks go on. Having a great support network is always good for keeping you motivated. Good luck for this week. S xx

  2. That's amazing!! Good for you!! I can't wait to hear about the continuing success.

  3. Congrats to both you and your friend. You are so right that a good support system is key! You are lucky to have people your life that are there with their support.

    I no longer drink pop. When I go to restaurants I have unsweetened iced tea and put Splenda in it. I really think this is what's helped me lose my weight. If I want some pop I can have it, but I prefer to have the iced tea out and water at home.

    1. I don't have soda often either. Now and again, but usually I drink water. I'm not a huge fan of diet soda but when I get a craving for it, that's what I'll have. Unless it's Fitz's Root Beer in St. Louis - then only the "real thing" will do!

  4. 5.2 pounds!!!! Amazing :-) :-) Congratulations!!! Nothing like a big number like that to get your motivation pumping. Can't wait to hear how you do this week! Keep us posted :-)

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