Sunday, August 29, 2010

Are you scared?

I confess I'm sort of scared of certain foods. As if the food had the power, not me (which if I'm being honest - and why not... it still kind of does - but not for long). For me the two big food groups that are the most frightening are sweets and pasta. I know, I know, they're not technical food groups but in my twisted little world they are. There are not many sweets that I don't like. I love everything chocolate / caramel / coconut / peanut butter / cakey / and ooey gooey. So of course, being some of my favorite things to eat, I tend to overindulge a little. Pasta is the other biggie. I love Italian food, and love all the yummy sauces and cheeses that go with it.

So when planning our menu for the week, my darling husband says, "I'd really like to have some lasagna." Now, naturally we do a meat-less version, but that just usually means it's got way more cheese than it ought to have. I have a hard time denying my husband just about anything because he hardly ever asks for anything. So we had lasagna last night. And OH MAN was it good.

But again, I portion-ized it and felt good about that. Yay for portions and I will tell you, I enjoyed the hell out of every single bite that I had!

What foods are you scared of?


  1. Great job on the portion control. I could not have done that with the lasagna I should say "would" not have done it, so I just don't make the stuff. I love it though, of course with a loaf of crusty italian bread! I'm a bread head, my scariest food would be Pizza! Love it and can't stop eating it. If if it's a kind I don't love so dearly!

  2. That's fantastic that you could portion-control yourself with lasagna! It's super tough to do that with things that are cooked in a big pan/bowl/whatever, because I always rationalize taking just a little more by pretending I don't notice myself cutting inaccurate slices. (I'll have a sixth of this...yup, that looks like a sixth.) Or I play the OCD game and cut another sliver until the cut is EXACTLY in a straight line. But maybe that's just my insanity talking.

    Fettucine Alfredo is my devil. I've mostly avoided it in the past year (I think I've had it only twice), because I've been doing the low-carb thing. But man, oh man, could I eat a huge bowl of that stuff.


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