Thursday, October 21, 2010

Flog for Wednesday Oct. 20, 2010

First, the food:

Breakfast: Multigrain Cheerios with 1/4 banana and milk
Snack: coffee w/ sugar & creamer, water (not technically a snack)
Lunch: 3/4 cup macaroni & cheese, water
Snack: small chewy granola bar, water
Dinner: BLT (actually it was a SBLC - Toasted bread, a little butter, a little mayo, lettuce, soy bacon and cheese; not the healthiest but I had been stingy w/ my food intake for the whole day so I could have it), and a leftover bowl of vegetable soup w/ crackers, water

Overall not a bad day. I did however, have kind of a big dinner, at least it felt that way. And after it was done, I felt FULL. Not just full, but almost like Thanksgiving-Full. So mental note to self: Just because I've been stingy with calories all day doesn't mean I have to eat everything I'd planned for dinner if I feel full. I was borderline miserable.

Otherwise, good day. Still feeling crappy but did get out to the park yesterday with all the kiddos and got some movement in.


  1. Just for fun i'll post my food log for yesterday:

    Breakfast-Greenberry Shakeology with frozen blueberries

    AM Snack-Bananna & Yogurt

    Lunch- Healthy Choice frozed thing:Seasame Chicken

    PM Snack: Strawberry & Bananna crisps

    Dinner- Virginia's soup of the night, otherwise known as a quick put together soup with whatever she could find.


    That brought me to just shy of 1900 calories for the day.

    I'll average around 2000 when i keep track. But when i don't i know i'm way over that. so the key for me is to stick with it and write everything down, especially on weekends!

  2. Awesome, Lou! Thanks for sharing. Feel free to post your FLOG (LOVE that word!) here any time!


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