Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three is a magic number

Day three in the books. Seriously I can't remember the last time I strung 3 days of honestly eating right together. That means no lying about what I ate, no sneaking extra bites of food when I clean up dinner, and no "sampling" from my kids plates when they're done. Sounds like a small thing, but it's a major hurdle for me. I'm a little scared about the weekend, but really have no reason to be. It's just 2 days that don't have as much structure. I still need to have 3 meals and maybe 2 snacks and lots of water. It's do-able. Traditionally weekends are my downfall. Not this time. I'm going to be armed with my food journal (which, really, is just a piece of paper and a pen) and I'm going to write everything down, NO MATTER WHAT!

Today's FLOG 10/21/2010 (mostly, I just love the word "FLOG.")

Breakfast: Nutrigrain bar, water
Snack: Coffee with milk & sugar, water
Lunch: 1/2 sandwich made with - 1 slice nutty oat bread, 2 tsp mayo, lettuce, 1 slice cheese, 1 sandwich size slice bread & butter pickle
Snack: none (more water)
Dinner: 3 stuffed shells w/ red & white sauce, 2 pieces garlic bread, 1/2 cup peas.

Now, I know that the dinner was probably higher in calorie than I need (not tracking those yet). BUT - I knew we were having these for dinner and it's one of my favorite meals ever. So I planned for it and went lighter the rest of the day. I'm kinda proud about that.

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