Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shakeology Day 2 Wrap Up: Revelations

Well, I had a bit of difficulty with my Shakeology today - and that was the texture of it. Last night's didn't go so well at all, I just could not get it down. When not blended with ice, to me it has the consistency of thin-ish pudding and I just couldn't choke it down. The flavor is pleasant enough. This morning I nursed my breakfast Shakeology (blended with some ice, water, and a frozen banana). But my lunchtime shake did NOT want to stay in my belly. So it decided to hold a mutiny. Not pretty.

I talked to Lou from Journey To Fitness and he suggested some things to help with the consistency of the shake and my 3rd shake of the day (in the afternoon) went much better.

I feel like I'm having revelation after revelation. You know how I talked yesterday about how much I "graze" while preparing food? I came to some other realizations today too:

* I can survive on WAY less food that I have been previously stuffing in my face.
* Good nutrients going in = WAY more energy
* 4 ounces of chicken is a lot more than I thought.
* 2 tablespoons of salad dressing is PLENTY for THREE cups of salad! Who knew you don't have to completely drown your salad?
* Consuming only slightly over 500 calories yesterday DID NOT leave me so hungry this morning that I wanted to eat my shoe. I totally thought it would, but it didn't.
* I can do this. I really CAN do this.
* Food is just Food. It doesn't have to have a damn hold on me.
* WANTING food and NEEDING food are two completely different things.
* I have a lot of food issues I need to address. Talking with my brother really helps, because he *gets* it and understands exactly where I'm coming from.

I'm interested in seeing what happens when Friday morning hits and I'm "allowed" food again. Friday is grocery shopping day. I feel ready to make a lot of healthy choices. I'm starting to learn when my "danger zones" of the day are for when I make not-so-great food choices and I'm planning on how I should attack them.

I'm really excited, folks.

All in all, Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse, Day 2 has been a success. Looking forward to day 3!

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