Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Today, food-wise....not so great. Didn't flog - that's not good.

Tomorrow's another day right? On the upside, we had one of my very favorite dinners in the world tonight - Roasted Curry Cauliflower with Saffron Rice. So f-ing good. I was a snacking fool, though and the fact that I didn't journal it all made me...hell, I don't know. Justify it, I guess.

November has surely been the busiest month ever. With our webstore taking off and all the holiday orders we've gotten (in addition to my "real" job and a family to take care of), time is at a premium.

Oh and did I mention that we've been watching the series Dexter? NO SPOILERS PLEASE! We're on Season 3, episode 7, I think. I could seriously sit down and watch the whole season as a marathon if I had no other responsibilities. We've been staying up way too late to watch it but it is so freaking good.

Anyway - onward and upward. I'm going to bed, resting, and going to be bright-eyed (even if I have to use coffee to do it) for the day.


  1. Oh, Dexter. No spoilers- I haven't seen past season 2. Or maybe it was 3... I can't remember. I just ran out of time!

    I feel you on the flogging. It's TOUGH. But I know you can do it. Look how far you have come already!!! It's an adjustment, that's for sure, but totally worth it in the end.

    Oh- and your comment on my blog (something about a flying bird??? lol) made me pee my pants a little. Cause it caught me off guard, and made me laugh!!!

  2. I watched Dexter for about a season, but haven't watched in a while. I'll have to rent the DVD's to catch up.

    I've been absent from my blog for about 10 days, and felt absolutely guilty about it!

    Your roasted cauliflower sounds great. Do you have that recipe anywhere on your blog? Would love to try it!

    PS = found you the Transformational Diaries blog, and glad I did!

  3. Doing ok so far on flogging. Not great. What's my problem?

    And gettingfitfor50, thank you for stopping by to play! Jump in any time!! Glad to have you hanging out!

  4. I'm going to get together some recipes to share with everyone, just give me a couple of days :-)


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