Friday, January 7, 2011


When you first start a healthy living routine, be it eating more healthfully or exercising more...especially if you're trying to lose weight, do you have any guilt? I know I do. I have been tracking my points faithfully since Monday when I began the Weight Watchers online program. And there have been times, after a meal or something - where I don't fell "Thanksgiving Full," but I'm definitely done eating, you know? And then I think, "Oh no, I'm not going to lose at all this week!"

Well I think that's just our minds playing tricks on us again. You know, I have always said that being fat and eating whatever you wanted was much easier than putting thought into what you put in your mouth is. And to some degree I guess that's true. But really, honestly - if you were to ask me if the past 5 days have been difficult, I'd say no. There hasn't been one time that I've felt so hungry that I wanted to eat everything in sight. I think there are several reasons for that....mostly being faithful in tracking my foods. I want to do this every day, even weekends, to be accountable and really know what I'm eating. Another thing is a small support group of WW followers that I know on Facebook. Since I don't attend meetings, and I have always found that support is so necessary in just about any difficult venture in your life, this little group has really helped me in understanding that I'm not has blogging. I love the little community that has formed here.

I'm starting to slowly (VERY slowly) realize that the time for being ashamed of who I am, the appearance I've morphed over. Feeling ashamed doesn't get you anywhere. Sitting on my ass feeling embarrassed about my size doesn't get me anywhere. Getting up and moving does. I'm DOING something about this. And that feels so stinking empowering.

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  1. I agree, support is so important. Yeah for feeling empowered! That is all your doing!! You will do it!!


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