Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm Still Alive!

Well I made it through my first day of the Weight Watchers online program and I'm still living and breathing! I ate every one of my allotted points. However, I didn't touch my weekly allowance and didn't touch my activity points earned. That's a good thing!

This is baby steps, man. I got all my water in today. I stayed out of the stupid Christmas candy bowl (which truthfully wasn't that hard because I ate all the good stuff last week). I ate fruit as a snack. These are big deals to me!

I hope everyone else had a great Monday to build on. Tuesday ain't nothin' but Tuesday. I'm going to whip it's ass.


  1. Way to go momma! Feel free to share any tips about the program. I weigh in tomorrow and am actually starting the new program tomorrow. (officially)


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