Sunday, January 16, 2011

Old Habits Die Hard

And I don't mean "Die Hard," that awesome movie from 1988 starring Bruce Willis. I mean, it's hard to stop beating myself up over small things. I have been tracking EVERYTHING, ya'll....EVERYTHING that I eat. Even the embarrassing stuff (like the extra spoonfuls of pasta straight out of the dish when nobody was looking) and using points for ALL of it.

This is the behavior modification tool that's working the best for me. Yes, I still have some of those old behaviors that want to stick around and it's HARD to kill them. But I am. I want to keep eating long after I'm full when I like the way something tastes. But slowly.......very slowly....that's changing. I'm keeping in the zone and thinking of the impact of my food choices on my day. I already know that I like to save a few points for a "treat" (even if that treat is a apple slices and peanut butter) for the end of the day. I am juggling my other daily points to accommodate that.

Look, I don't know how tomorrow's weigh in is going to go. But I do know that if I WORK on the behaviors I need to change...I mean really work on them and not just say I'm working on them (because dude, that's just talking, it's not working) then really and truly, it's all going to be alright. If I keep tracking things, if I keep being accountable even when it's not the most graceful of days (because there will be days like that), everything is going to be just fine.

I have faith in myself this time. I'm not doing it half-assed.

Oh and those habits? They will die. Eventually. I just have to work at not resurrecting them.


  1. Those habits will die!! You will win the battle and laugh in their face!! I already see you doing your happy dance laughing at your old habits! Just keep yourself accountable, it will all fall in place! :)

  2. I"m a year and a half and 130 pounds into my weight-loss journey, and I still have moments that I have to remind myself to track. Like on my way out of the kitchen I ate 5 peanuts. I knew I had the calories available to do it, but I also knew that it was important to remember that they were worth 25 calories.
    These little changes in our minds and actions yield big results so keep it up!

  3. You will win the battle. I am in s cal at my inlaws. We did a buffet for lunch and pizza for dinner but I tracked it im so far over today. Tomorrow is disneyland, at least I will gwt a lot of walking in!


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