Monday, January 10, 2011

Weight Watchers, I love you

I weighed in this morning with a loss of 3.8 pounds. Having started the Weight Watchers online program last week, I knew that if I followed the program I'd show a loss of some kind. I was very pleased with the loss that I had!

There are a lot of things I love about the Weight Watchers program. First, I love that it's organized and straight-forward. It's very easy to learn. I will admit it now: I'm not with it enough to do this on my own right now without some kind of organization. I followed the program, I got results. I plan to do that again this week.

How are you guys doing?


  1. Great loss!!! WOO HOO! Keep at it and you will lose the weight.

  2. Great blog and great weight loss. I like the new WW program and I'm hoping to see some serious results...sometime soon I hope!

  3. Well as my mini MII says...well I don't care what she says...I love weight watchers also and will get back to it. Always Always I mean I ALWAYS had positive results with WW. I have not tried the online program but I am about to. Love your weight loss Colleen keep it up.

  4. Congrats on the loss, im a big fan of ww!
    im down a pound this week too! Its the pound that moved me from obese to overweight, yeah!

  5. Thank you thank you. And a special shout out to Susie! WAY TO GO! I can't wait until I hit that spot. What an awesome accomplishment!!

  6. Way to lose it Colleen...Good bye 3.8 lbs of ugly flab! Have ANOTHER great week!


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