Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day To Someone I Love!

I have never been my biggest supporter. I've often made sure to tell myself not to even try something because I would surely fail. I have "tried" (I use that term loosely) many times before to lose weight. I think one ingredient missing all those other times was love.

I'd lose 3 pounds, gain 2. Lose 2 pounds, gain three. And the cycle would go on and on and on. And I'd tell myself, "Why are you even trying?" I just KNEW that I'd fail.


Do you know why? Because I'm starting to actually love myself. When I can show myself how much control I can have, how strong I can be, and how I dedicated I can be, I start to love myself instead of hate myself. All those little non-scale victories (like eating lunch out and being in control, like running into the supermarket for milk and NOT grabbing a candy bar on the way out, like NOT eating more bites of leftover dinner as I put it away, like NOT eating bites off my kids plates) are adding up to a big time increase in my confidence.

And I really and truly love that.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Love your family, love your friends, but most of all, love yourself!!


  1. Happy vday colleen. Nice post, it really does feel good to like who you are beoming and fall in love!!! Those nsv add up. I used to always get popcorn and a coke at Target, not anymore!

  2. You totally stepped on my toes with this one! LOL! I needed it.

  3. I almost could have written that myself, Colleen. Especially using the term "try" loosely. I believe the one thing that was missing was love and care for myself - my life. Good for you. So inspiring and wonderful that we are walking the same path to get back to us.


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