Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I won!

I am so excited that I won the blog re-design from April Showers! I can't even begin to thank all of you for voting for me! What a wonderful community we have here!

In other news, it's rumored we'll have ANOTHER snow/ice day tomorrow and I will most likely have no daycare children here tomorrow, so blogging is a top priority.

Question: I'm getting some guest bloggers lined up to spice things up and inspire the holy crap out of us. What kind of topics would you like to see covered?

Love to all of you!!!


  1. congrats colleen on the makeover.
    How cool, guest bloggers!! I always like quick, few ingredient meals, exercise and maintenence!

  2. Yay!!! Congrats on winning!!!

    Easy quick yet HEALTHY recipes, how to stay motivated, and easy workouts that give GREAT results! :)

  3. Yeah, I voted for you!

  4. Hi there! New follower here. =) Found you through Tanya @ The right to bare arms. Congrats on the award and the blog re-design!


  5. You go girl!!! Sounds awesome!! I'm so happy for you. :)


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