Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I am embarking on a #100daychipquest - wanna join?

You've heard me talk before about the #7daychip group on twitter (for details, go to www.BradGansberg.com) and I have earned a few of those successfully.  I've never quite gotten to the #30daychip mark, though.  So when Brad announced that he was going to begin a #100daychipquest - well, I was certainly skeptical....about myself. 

I mean, come on.  I haven't had the willpower to make it to 30 days, how would I be able to make it 100 days?  As with the 7 Day Chips (or the 30 Day Chips), you set your own goals. YOU decide what you're going to work on for those for the duration of the time - in this case, 100 days.  The 100 days starts tomorrow and runs through June 30.  Did I mention we have a mini-vacation in there?  To visit family?  Oy.

So, I though - there's strength in numbers, and that is what the chip group on Twitter has been all about.  We share our strengths, we share our weaknesses as well as our triumphs and failures.  It can be emotional at times (I know there have been times I've sat down to tweet to the group and have had tears streaming down my face) but it's real life and the support of people like me has been astounding.  I decided I'm going to do it.

Initially, I'll be honest with you - I thought, "make your goals easy so you'll attain them."  Yeah, that's my old brain talking.  It hasn't fully let my new brain in yet and is sort of hanging on my a thread.  Then new brain said, "Then what would be the point?"  So I REALLY started thinking about my goals for this time frame.  I want to challenge myself but not set myself up for failure.

I have chosen three goals:

  1. Drink (at the minimum) 120 ounces of water per day.
  2. No "secret snacking" 
  3. Stay within my daily allotted Weight Watchers points range each day **

I think all three of these are certainly a challenge but not impossible.  The idea here is to change behaviors, not reinvent the wheel.  A bit more about each goal:

 Drink (at the minimum) 120 ounces of water per day.
This is something I have slacked on lately but I know that I feel better and lose more weight when my water intake is where it should be.  This is going to be tricky on days I will be away from home (not often) but not impossible.

No "Secret Snacking"
This is a real problem area for me.  I am a closet eater and if I binge I don't let other see me because, well, it's embarrassing.  My rule here is that if I wouldn't eat it in front of my husband or other family, then I don't eat it.  That handful of mini marshmallows that I stuff in my mouth before leaving the pantry would qualify as secret snacking.  Those calories count like the others and this is an area in my life that really needs work.  This is the perfect opportunity to address it.

Stay within my daily allotted Weight Watchers points range each day **
** Weight Watchers allows you a certain amount of "points" each day to eat, along with nutritional guidelines that need to be met each day (such as a certain number of servings of water, fruits and vegetables, etc).  You're also allowed 49 points each week to use as you see fit - sometimes for a special occasion, or a planned indulgence or something of that nature.  It gives you a little wiggle room.  My goal is to NOT use these weekly points.  WITH AN EXCEPTION:  I will allow myself, one week per month, to use these points if needed.  That way, if (say, on vacation) I want a little "more" I won't feel like I'm beating myself up if I have more.  It's all about pre planning on this one!

So please, hold me accountable and JOIN US.  Head to Brad's post on the #100daychipquest group and just join us!


  1. I think those are excellent goals! I know one of mine is also going to be about drinking more water. I wish you much success and I just know you can do this! I better go get my post together now since it's almost that time...

  2. You can do it, Colleen and don't you forget it. When we think we can't we've already predicted our future. Be the little train that could :)

    I'll check out the link and good luck.

  3. The #7daychip is a great idea! I may just have to join you!


  4. Nice goals... I've also joined the quest and will be there for ya! Let's rock it out :)

  5. Great goals, Colleen! And it's great that your going for that #100 day chip!! You can do it!!!

  6. Good Luck Colleen! I'm sure you'll reach all your goals!

  7. Thanks, Roz!!

  8. http://confessionsofasugaraholic.blogspot.com/


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