Monday, March 21, 2011


Suck It Up & Do It Sunday  I decided to follow FattyBoobaLatty's (click on the orange to head to her FABULOUS blog)  lead and jump on her "Suck It Up & Do It Sunday" bandwagon.  For all you perfectionists out there, yes - technically it's Monday but who cares?  I'm a day late!
Suck It Up Sunday is all about making goals for your week to keep you on track.  I'd say with a 2lb gain and TWO restarts of the 7 Day Chip program, I need some.  So - like to hear about them?  Here they go:

1) 120 oz of water DAILY.  No Exceptions (Or FattyBoobaLatty will kick my rear).
2) Three days of QUALITY gym workouts.  No phoning it in.  Make the minutes count!
3)  At least 2 long walks with the kiddos.  Tires them out, gets me some movement.  Everyone wins
4) Stay within my daily Weight Watchers PointsPlus range for the entire week.  
5) Blog once a day (because I totally know you guys miss me when I don't HA!!)
6) Do something nice for myself each day

These are simple goals, yes.  But I have got to start my weekly goals somewhere, and this is where I choose to start them.  I'll let you know next Sunday how it goes.  Looking forward to this!!


  1. I think they sound great!! And since I didn't finish my Suck it Up and Do It Sunday blog until almost 11 last night - I won't give you any crap about being a day late!
    Let's make this week count!

  2. Good luck! You can do this. Don't forget about the last one. Doing something nice for yourself each day is very important.

  3. Sounds like great goals, Colleen, especially the doing something nice for yourself every day :)

  4. Yes, great goals! And, yes, I do miss your blog posts when they aren't there!:)

  5. Great goals - I love #5 and #6!

  6. So who's running the "suck it up" thing?
    I clicked the orange and it took me to yahoo flickr. I want to join but I'm just not sure.
    Could email me the details:

  7. Welcome to my new friends!!

    Rusti, I sent you an email. Basically click on FattyBoobaLatty's name in my post and it will take you to her seriously incredible blog. I love reading her stuff because it's real AND funny. She's fantastic!


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