Sunday, April 3, 2011

Suck It Up And Do It Sunday

Here I am again for another edition of Suck It Up and Do It Sunday.  Thanks to my good friend FattyBoobaLatty at Fatty Made A Funny, I'm participating each Sunday with her to asses the past week's goals and set new goals for the upcoming week.  Go check out her blog!  Now! (Well, after you read and comment on this post, that is).

I just discussed my goals for the month earlier today, so refer to those.  I'll give you a rundown of the past week, though, and what I'm working on this week, briefly.

120oz + of water consumed each day
I did this.  It's actually getting much easier.

Stay within my daily WW PointsPlus range each day (this will not be a week I'll dip into my weekly allotment)
I did this as well.  I really wanted to dip into my weekly points but I didn't.

No Secret Snacking
This is where I failed.  Today of all days - when I was so close to another strong week.  But although I'm technically out of the #100daychipquest race, I am not giving up and am striving for my #7daychip this week.  Tomorrow is day 1

3 Quality Gym workouts / 2 sessions of Yoga at home
Great workouts at the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I had a great yoga session on Tuesday morning.  And this morning, my husband invited me to do a set with him.  It was wonderful.  Challenging, but wonderful.

Do something nice for myself each day (and document it to share next week)
I did this most days.  The nice things ranged from giving myself some time to read to just sitting and relaxing.  I'm getting better at this, but it still feels awkward.  Today, however, I bought myself a pair of workout pants for $3 on clearance.  That's what I call success!  Ha!

This week, since today was kind of a wash (it wasn't horrible, it just wasn't up to the standards I'd laid out for myself), I'm making some back to basics goals for this week:

  1. 120 oz of water each day
  2. 3 Gym Workouts / 2 Yoga Sessions
  4. Find something I love about myself EACH day

They may sound kind of simple, but back to basics is always successful for me.

I wish all of you a wonderful week!

And there ya have it.  Make me stick to my goals!  If you'd like to participate, just steal the graphic above and make sure to put a link to FattyBoobaLatty's blog - Fatty Made A Funny to give her credit for the idea!!  What are your goals for the week?

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