Thursday, May 19, 2011

Perspective & Priorities

As with all things on my blog, this post relates to me.  How I'm feeling - it's not how you should feel or what I think everyone should be doing.  All I know about, all I can write about, is my own world. 

This week has been considerably clearer for me than last week.  On Monday I received news that an acquaintance of mine and her mate lost their infant baby.  Just one month old, this remarkable child had made such a huge impact on so many lives. As a mother, I couldn't imagine having to bury one of my children.  I can't imagine the hole that creates in a person's life. 

While thinking of this couple and their incredible little angel, I suddenly realized that perspective and priorities are what it takes to be successful.  I wrote to a dear friend this week: "If these people can bury their daughter and still go on - I can lose 70 more pounds."  Just one week ago, losing any weight at all seemed an insurmountable task.  Now, it seems like something very minor indeed. 

That's perspective.   My priorities have to be in line.  I want to be a healthy mother.  I want to be around for my children.  I want to enjoy them.  I want to live.  One or two days away from my plan isn't going to kill me.  It's not going to change a damn thing in the big picture.  I will lose this weight, of that I am certain.  But I think we all must live each day as if it were our last because it very well might be.  And I don't want to live my last day with any shame or guilt.  I want to be free.

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