Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Will NOT Buy Fat Lady Clothes Again

I've gone on at length about my new-found love affair with clothes shopping.  Have you ever noticed that in the Women's Plus section of most department stores and even places like WalMart and Target that the style of clothing that you can choose from is mostly "Old Fat Lady" style?  As if just because we're big we have the desire to dress like we're 85 and fat.  I'm not knocking 85 year old fat women here.  Truly I'm not.  I just don't want to dress like them.

For years I've longed to dress in cute clothes but I mostly bought t-shirts because A) they're easier to shop for and B) I felt I didn't deserve to look nice and feminine.  Again, nothing wrong with wearing a t-shirt but it doesn't exactly make me look pretty.

Yesterday I was browsing at Goodwill for some new shirts and/or capris to have in my new smaller sizes and to wear on my upcoming cruise.  I some shirts in my new size (1X) but they were all that old fat lady style, and do you know what I said to myself? "Never again will I settle on clothes I don't like just because of my size."  Despite the fact that I'm very frugal when it comes to clothes shopping, I'm not going to settle anymore.  If it doesn't make me feel pretty, I'm not going to buy it, period. 

I *DO* deserve to wear clothes I like, and that are flattering to me.  I do deserve to wear anything that I choose (even sleeveless shirts!) that I like.  What a wonderful feeling!

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