Saturday, September 10, 2011

What "Week 5 / Day 3" of C25K Means To me

As many of you know, I decided to start the C25K program - which stands for "Couch To 5k."  The program is essentially designed to train a person with 0 running experience (that would be me, for sure) and have them work their tolerance up to being able to run a 5k (or 30 minutes) continuously.  When you start, your intervals of jogging are only 60 seconds at a time and you work your way up throughout the 9 week course.

I've tried the program twice before, never truly getting past the second week.  And so I put it on the back burner, sure that running wasn't for me and I'd never be able to do it.  Something changed in me, though, and I got the spark back.  I felt like I wanted to be a runner.  Maybe it was losing more weight and feeling a bit fitter, but I came back to it.

This morning I completed "Week 5 / Day 3" of the program.  Today was the first time IN MY LIFE that I ran continuously for 20 minutes.  That's not a mistake.  TWENTY.  As in, TWENTY! I'm not too proud to admit that when I finished my run I had tears (and a lot of sweat) running down my face.  I never believed I could do this before I started this program.  And truthfully, there have been days I was skeptical I could even after having started the program.  My legs started hurting and my lungs nearly declared mutiny a couple of times but I DID IT.

The lesson for me here is that if I believe I can do something, there's not a hell of a lot that can stand between me and my goal.  This time around I've started the program with the mindset that I'm going to finish it.  I knew after my last run that today was going to be a challenge, but I got up this morning and ran anyway, knowing in my heart that I could do it.  You don't hear this come out of my mouth often, but I AM SO DAMN PROUD OF MYSELF. 

You have to find what you love and do it.  In my case, the least likely thing has turned out to be what I've started falling in love with.  I never quite understood why someone would want to run unless a serial killer was chasing them.  But now I get it - if you're a runner, you're going to be way faster than the serial killer, and the non-runners are going to be the ones the killer reaches first.


  1. Thanks for pointing me toward this! Great post...and I'm totally laughing about the non-runners getting axed by the serial killer. I'm proud of you, too! Will keep this inspiration in mind when I run on Saturday. :-)

  2. I Googled 'c25k Week 5 Day 3' and this was one of the results.
    Aside from being a 26 year old terminal bachelor, your story and mine are the same. At least, you know, jogging wise.

    Wish me luck. Tomorrow's the big day.

    I'm proud of you, though, congratulations.

    1. And so how did it go? Always feel free to drop me a line at!

  3. you are inspiring. In high school, i weighed 215lbs,bench pressing 315,football payer. 20 yrs later,7 months ago~ benching 245 an weighing in at 375lbs and put on bp meds. Changed my diet and copped a warehouse job. Today I am 315lbs,but now have a sedentary job(desktop computer support technician). I gained a few lbs and got worried. I am now on week 3 day 2.Your story is just what i needed to keep flying.Thank you,because it's not easy and i have no one "with me" on this. though i am happily married. she just isn't interested,because it brings her guilt,because she should be doing it with me as well.So thank you again

    1. You're totally right - it's not easy. But not much worthwhile ever is. Having support is a big deal - I'm going through a bit of a weight loss rebirth right now and support is making the difference for me this time. Stick around this blog, we'll offer you support. Your wife will get with it when she's ready - she's just not yet. And we both know it won't happen for her until she is. Stick with it and you will inspire her!

  4. You are correct. and thank you again. i'm sure she'll come around when i'm 200lbs with washboard


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