Monday, November 14, 2011

Put Up Or Shut Up Goals Wrap Up - 11/9 - 11/12

So I'm sure you've all been waiting and holding your breath wondering how I did last week with my mini goals, right?  Well, I'm here to disappoint you!

Truth told, the end of last week was somewhat abysmal but I'm building from that feeling and learning from it (again!).  Here's the wrap up!

Last Week's Weigh In   (11/5) - 223.4
This Week's Weigh In (11/12) - 224.8
                               Change:    + 1.4

Yes, that's a gain.  Here's an assessment of how I did on my goals -

1) Track that shit. : D-
Each day, Wednesday - Friday I started out tracking.  I made the effort in the morning but then by mid-day I faltered, mostly because I wanted to eat junk and who wants to write down that they ate junk?  Well, the truth is, if I junk I have to track it.  If I track it, I'm very likely to adjust my day accordingly and move on.  This past week was a fail in this category.  This coming week won't be.

2) Drink the water:  D+
I didn't drink zero water, so it's not an "F." but the effort was really crappy so it's certainly not a win. 

Thursday was a Fall Fun Fest at my daughter's school.  At the Fall Fun Fest, my kids and mother-in-law won THREE items.  THREE.  One was a tray of whoopie pies (which I did not try).  One was a fancy white cinnamon cake (which wasn't great but that didn't stop me from eating three pieces of it on Friday).  The other was a Texas Sheet Cake.  OH. MY. GOD.  It was really good-ish.  So good it made me sick to my stomach, but again - that didn't stop me.  This being said, there were 2 of the 3 days I was shooting for where I don't think I ate any vegetables or fruits at all.  That's not 5.  I failed.

So how is THIS week going so far?  Couldn't be better.  My head's out of my ass, so to speak.  I've met my water goal on Saturday and Sunday both.  I have tracked everything.  I went to the gym on Saturday & we went for a family walk yesterday.  I'm earning A's in all of my goals.

For this week, I'm keeping my same goals as last week.  I'm keeping these until I master them and then I'll add more or change them up. 

What are your goals for this week? 


  1. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
    One day at a time, you can do this.

  2. Here's to a better week for you! My goal is to get my tushie back in gear with working out better, been slacking the last few weeks.

  3. We aren't perfect! The feedback from an "off" week can sometimes remind us of what we need to do. One thing you passed at was being honest to yourself about why you had a gain and failed at your goals. I wish you much success this week!

  4. Just keep at it, Colleen! I hope you had a good week!

  5. Late post - my goal for this week was to keep it simple1) water intake 2)prayer and meditation 3)decrease soda intake 4)make changes to eating habits 5)practice self love no more negative talk....I must say I didn't do too bad.


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