Monday, December 5, 2011

#resound11 Post 5 - "Theme Song"

For entry 5 of #resound11 post, I'm to write about the following:

If your life was a television show, what would its theme song be? What music would be cued at the start of the show or when you entered a scene?

Think about this past year. Is there a song that you've heard that has really struck a chord, one that has spoken to you? Maybe there's a song that goes along with your one word for 2011. Maybe there is a song that you've heard that instantly cheers you up or makes you think of a special moment that happened this year?

Maybe it's childish, but hey - I'm a daycare provider and listen to kids music a lot.  But the song "Family" has stuck with me this past year.  It's line "When you're in my heart, you're in my family" is exactly how I feel.  There are blood relatives I have that I don't feel are truly a part of my family.  But there are folks that live hundreds of miles away from me, that I've never laid eyes on, that are a part of my family because they're in my heart. 

Confession:  This song makes me all misty EVERY time I hear it.  If it comes on NickJr my daughters summon me to the room so we can either 1) hold each other & rock while it's on, or 2) have an impromptu dance party.

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