Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dear Weight Watchers: It's Not You, It's Me....

Dear Weight Watchers,

I think it's time we saw other people.

When we started our relationship years and years ago, I was childless and had many hours a week to devote to weight loss.  I lost a good 50 pounds with you before I got cocky and thought I could do it all on my own. 

Because I hadn't delved into the WHY of my obesity, I gained it all back.  I had only been concentrating on the "HOW" of losing weight.  This time around, Weight Watchers, I have sung your praises - even with just being on the online program.  You and I lost another 30ish pounds together.  And I love you, I truly do.  You will never hear me bad mouth you to anyone.  The simple fact is that you work.  You really do.  You are a good plan that is easy to follow and that the masses can easily understand, which is a truly WONDERFUL and incredibly accessible thing to be. 

Look, I'm sure you've sensed some distance between us in the past several months.  I thought I was going crazy there for a while and discovered that depression was my problem.  I put weight loss on hold for the better part of two months.  9 pounds (maybe more) were gained back during that time.  I've been thinking about you, of course.  And I've tried to get close to you again in the past several weeks.  You know I have. 

But there's someone else.

The past few days I have been slowly falling in love with myfitnesspal.com.  It's a lovely site with a lot of bells and whistles that it didn't have the last time I tried to use it.  It's got the tracking I need, a less clunky mobile app, and rather than just track points in and out, it also tells me more about the NUTRITION of the things I'm eating.  I like that.  I know that you have a superstar group of nutritionists and scientists and chemists and what-not formulating your lovely plan.  That's why I trusted you in the first place.

I love that you are adored by millions, and I'm not saying this breakup is going to be permanent.  But it's time I realize that I have to do what's working for me now.  And right now, rather than the "big picture" that PointsPlus was providing me with, I need to delve into the details a little more. 

Because you're so fantastic, I know you'll understand.  And I know you'd welcome me back with open arms if I would choose to buddy up with you again.  For right now, I think I'm going the calorie counting route.

I appreciate your understanding, Weight Watchers.  And thank you so much for all you've done for me. Now go out there and do what you do best - help millions of people lose weight. 



  1. I totally understand the move to MFP. When I hit a plateau, I used MFP to double-track. Like you, I wanted to see the *kinds* of calories I was eating. I like seeing how foods break down into essential (or unhealthy) nutrients and components.

    Do what works for you! Best of luck as you continue on your journey. And you're right, Weight Watchers (and all of your friends!) will welcome you back. Until then, I'll keep cheering you on, no matter what!

  2. Love this! MFP is great, I just started using it again and forgot how much the accountability keeps me in check! Plus, it's free. Can't beat that! :)

    I also love the nutrition breakdown - just because I'm in my calorie range doesn't mean I'm eating well. I try and keep a close eye on sodium and sugar, too. I know WW works really well for a lot of people, but personally, knowing that the bananas I eat are 90-120 calories each, I can't imagine calling them "free."

  3. God I am in the process of ending things with Weight Watchers too, I am focusing on nutrition and exercise, feel a million times better about it all too! Good luck to you! xxx

  4. I use livestrong.com. I was never able to get behind WW because it is only about points and does not address nutrition. It does not address eating junk or processed foods. It is all about points and a lifestyle change needs to take into account so much more about the foods we eat.

  5. Weight watchers has worked for me. It has but with some physical problems that I need to watch my sodium, saturated fats etc it just wasn't enough.
    I've been using lose it and I must admit I love it.
    I think what I do now is a combination of both weight watchers and counting calories/sodium etc.

  6. This resonated with me 100%. I too love WW, and without it I would not be at my goal weight. That's for sure. But myfitnesspal.com has allowed me to delve more into making better nutritional choices (the points system is easy to follow, but calories are so important as a unit of measurement) and exercise commitments.

  7. Love myfitnesspal. Dislike WW. Good luck!

  8. i think that is part of the reason i didn't like weight watchers, personally. yes, it's important to keep track of what you're eating, but i definitely don't think there is much emphasis on nutrition, and i need that. i hope this works for you! i'm curious to see. :)


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