Friday, January 27, 2012


I rarely think of myself as an inspiration, especially when it comes to weight loss.  My struggles have been well documented here, as well as my feelings of failure and inadequacy when it comes to this topic.  And just when I start thinking, "Maybe I should give up blogging all together and quit making this so freaking public" I get a comment somewhere that makes me rethink all that.

I posted yesterday about how I'm doing with my own personal water challenge and what step I want to take next back on the road to my goals.  And while I may not be matching the superstar water intake of some, I'm doing what's best for me right now.  I know myself better than to think if I say, "I better drink a gazillion ounces of water every day or I will fail" that I will, indeed fail. 

On my personal Facebook page, I got a lovely comment from a dear friend who I have never even met.  She is married to an old college friend and I just know that judging by how much love and light she has brought into his world that she is an amazing person indeed.  Her comment was a surprise to me, as I often think that maybe this blog isn't read by a lot of people I "know."  Her comment went like this:

"Colleen, you are a inspiration to all women who struggle with weight loss/gain... The up & down game of weight. Keep up the great work & try to enjoy the journey along the way ;) I'm currently fighting the same battle as you, gained 92 pounds during my pregnancy ( refused to take any pictures of my self preggo) & have since been dedicated to no longer being the " fat girl" & have in the past 9 months lost 74 pounds ;) I can breath better, look better & wear more than the same 3 outfits on a daily basis ;) you gave me courage & your blog speaks from the heart.... I'm now currently wanting to have another baby but am so scared about the weight gain again ;( I'm growing stronger everyday tho- and just wanted you to know that you are a big reason why! Keep going & all of us at home are routing you on!"

I don't know what to say other than....WOW.  I am just in awe of this woman who is doing what it takes to get where she's going and that she thinks *I'M* an inspiration.  It brought tears to my eyes.  What a wonderful remind that, even if I'm not an "inspiration" in my own head, that people read what I have to say & get off my chest and it helps them.   

Time to get my ass going and FEEL like I can inspire others.

And a special, heartfelt thanks to the beautiful lady in upstate NY with the hockey-loving husband and beautiful little girl.  YOU, my dear, are the one inspiring ME.

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  1. :) That is a wonderful comment, moments like that make this a little more worth it. Keep going and never give up!


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