Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekly Weigh In for 04/23/2012

Last week was pretty good.  I started running as mentioned before and obviously it did not make me keel over.  I'm enjoying it again and am even going to sign up for another 5k, this time shooting to better my first time of 39:45.  But enough of the shenanigans!  On to yesterday's weigh in!

Date: April 16, 2012
Current Weight: 246.2
Last Week's Weight:  248.2
This week's Loss:   ---  -2.0
Total Loss Since 4/2/2012:   --- None (still recovering from that vacation gain)

So things are good!  I'm watching what I'm eating more but still not following a certain "plan."  That will come.  Right now I'm focused on getting an exercise routine going and making it a habit.  I feel good.  My knee's not bothering me and My run times are increasing.  I've already shaved a minute off my benchmark mile time from the first day of running club.  That's not bad for just a little over a week.

Onward!  What are ya'll doing?


  1. Isn't it great how fast the stamina comes back? I just started back to running too!

  2. Yay for running! I can't wait until the fall when I can (I think) get back to it. And then someday, we'll run an Amish 5K together! :)

    I'm glad you're back at it!

  3. oyi I'm still trying to get back down from Easter!! Feel ya! What's your MFP name?! :)

  4. Glad to hear you are enjoying running again. I totally understand where you are coming from about turning a workout routine into a habit, that's what I am working on at the moment too. Also good to hear you knee is better.

  5. Congrats on your weight loss so far! Keep up the hard work. One thing I’ve found to be extremely helpful and useful as a supplement to my current diet/exercise plan is Fullbar (www.fullbar.com). Not only do their products help you lose weight, they also help you maintain your weight loss.


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