Saturday, January 19, 2013

Clutter and Panic

In discovering more about my personality I've come to decide that clutter causes me great anxiety.  I grew up with a pack-rat (borderline hoarder) mom, and a father who was about the same.  Neither liked to throw things away "just in case" they needed it some day.  I find that I'm the opposite.  I tend to throw away too much and regret it later, but it makes me feel good to get rid of things.  When things are too cluttered I get in a sort of panic and only really calm down when things are back in order.  This is why I love (you read that right) folding laundry so much.  It's creating order out of chaos.

That's a central theme in my life, though.  I love to organize things (but rarely keep them that way).  I love folding a basket of laundry (but can take days to put them away).  I adore re-organizing my desk and office supplies (but find it difficult to maintain).  I'm constantly on my kids to pick things up, full well knowing that (as children), they will have things out again in 12 minutes.  I can also relax a lot better if things aren't cluttered around me.  I can't rest and enjoy the evening if things are out of place.

I'm trying to get over these feelings.  I always feel like I'll end up like my mother with so much "stuff" that I won't know what I actually I always strive for clear, empty, clean spaces.  When I start to feel that panic I am trying to deal with the feeling and come up with a plan to make it better.

I struggle with this daily as well.

Anyone else?


  1. I agree. I have a really hard time between striking a balance between being too organized and learning when to let things slide.

  2. This is/was an area that I struggle with also. In recent years I have sat my family down and explained to them how clutter & chaos make me feel. I've also decided that it IS who I am and I should not have to feel guilty nor apologize for it. Those things alone have helped. In turn I try to take a chill pill too and enjoy life. When things get too much then I ask my family to help for 5-10 min and I'm usually good again.

  3. We struggle with this in our house. My husband loves the house neat and organized and I natural pig pen from peanuts! I can organize to beat the band, but keeping that way is hard. Once things start to slip I tend to let them go in favor of doing the hard work! I feel your pain!


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