Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Not Perfect

I had a good thing going some months back.  Then I decided it was all too much, that my mind was far too fragile to deal with weight loss.  This, of course, gave me the golden ticket all of us food addicts crave to eat whatever we want.  If it sounds good, eat it!

The truth is, I'm a food addict and I will always have this struggle in my life.  What I have to do is find out why I'm so broken and how to glue the pieces back together.  In the past several months I have found a church I really love and I have been seeking spiritual help.

Another truth?  I can't do all this alone.  I am weak, but I want to be strong.  I really do.  I know in my heart I have to dig deep and find my strong.  But what happens when you start to dig and the hole you find seems so deep that you can't see the bottom?

I've come to a point in my weight struggles where the physical toll this is taking on me is huge (no pun intended) and my energy comes from caffeine. 

I want to love myself as others do - I want to see myself as others do, but in reality I don't.  I think part of what I need to do is forget the past.  Yes, I had a fantastic go of weight loss a while back, it's true!  But a while back is not not and a while back isn't going to make me succeed now.  What I did before doesn't matter, you see?  Because before and now are two totally different things and now is the only thing I can control.

What was your first small step to battling your weight? 


  1. Like you - deciding I needed help and couldn't do it alone. You can do this.

  2. I think the first step is recognizing that you are worth it, and maybe realizing that you do love yourself RIGHT NOW, even if it's only a little. The fact that you WANT to fight to improve your body and your life says to me that there is something inside of you that believes you are worth it.

    And you ARE! You are just as worthy of loving yourself and having the body and life that you want as is everyone else.

  3. I believe the basic rules of losing weight are the same for everyone. Though, each person should adapt them for himself and make them as comfortable as possible. For me fitness is the best way. When I stop going to the gym I immediately gain weight (unless I starve myself). All the diets are very depressive for me, I can not live without sweets and cookies, that’s why I choose fitness. Regular training is very rewarding: I’ve noticed my first results within 1 month, and it was an awesome stimulation for future trainings. When I feel tired I take Navy Seal Formula by Military Grade and it quickly restores my strength and enthusiasm. It also provides the necessary nutritional supply, which is vital when you are training intensively. Thus, nothing prevents me from eating occasional cookie or a bar of chocolate when I want it so much.


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