Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello, New Week!

Tomorrow begins a new work week. It's also the week my firstborn turns 6. I vow right now - I will NOT use this as an excuse to binge on anything I want to have (despite the fact that she requested I make my homemade pasta alfredo for her birthday dinner). I will have the CORRECT portions.

I will celebrate with family instead of using the celebration as an accepted form of binging. Yes, there will be cake (made by yours truly). Yes, there will be ice cream (courtesy of the Schwann's man), and yes there will be pizza (straight from Pizza Hut). But so what? A whole plateful of that stuff will make me feel like crap and make me hate myself for days.

Nothing's going to change unless I change it.


  1. That's such a great attitude :) Good luck with your new week, girl!

  2. I LOVE your attitude! And the thing that you said about nothing changing unless you choose to is something that I can definitely relate to and have written about in my first blog post too...
    I've realised that having a blog to write on during my weight loss journey will help motivate me so much! Especially hearing comments from people on things they can relate to, be they good or bad. Please do follow my blog and leave some words of encouragement! Your attitude is definitely one that I would like to rub off on me! ;)


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