Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am going to earn my #7daychip !

I'll bet you're wondering what the heck is a #7daychip. Well, it's really a 7 Day Chip, but in the Twitter universe (which I'm becoming more and more familiar with), it's a group started by @BradGansberg (who writes the blog Brad Gansberg's Thoughts On:)

What you do is commit to controlled eating for 7 days. When you've done that, you let Brad know and you're acknowledged on his blog for earning your 7 Day Chip. It sounds simple, and it is, really. But the support you get from the group is INCREDIBLE. When you tweet about how your week is going while trying to earn your 7 Day Chip, all you do is add the designation #7daychip at the end of your tweet. That's it. Then you can click on that designation to see all tweets related to the group. It's a great way to help and be helped along this path.

If you stumble and have a uncontrolled eating day, you start over in earning your 7 Day Chip. You can earn several of these. When you're ready, you can even earn one (or hopefully many many more) #30daychip s. It's all very exciting and incredibly helpful.

Join us on Twitter. Follow me (@AdiosFatGirl) and follow the discussion. I think you'll be glad you did.

To view Brad's explination of the group, go here: What is a #7daychip?


  1. Good luck on your quest! I'm on day 4 right now =)


  2. Hey cool, Colleen. Thanks for sharing. Love these little reminders.

  3. I love that idea! I'm off to find the group right now! Thanks and keep up the great work!


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