Thursday, February 24, 2011

Progress Pictures

I find it difficult to look at pictures of myself. And as anyone who is losing weight knows, it's sometimes excruciating sharing pictures of yourself with the world.

But I've done just that. I thought it was time to get even more real with myself and actually document what I look like on the outside instead of what's in my head.

The photos I've started with are a little older, but I will be updating every 20 lbs lost or so, I'm not sure.

Thanks for sticking with me, everyone - and for being so supportive!!


  1. Oh yeah, you can view them by clicking on the "Progress Pictures" tab above.

  2. I'm so proud of you for posting your pics. It is hard to look at our pictures especially from the beginning but it will be so awesome to see the progress.

    And your family is beautiful!

  3. you are sooo cute colleen, thanks for posting your pics!!! I agree, it will be so exciting to see the progress!! keep it up!!

  4. I'm having trouble with the pictures thing too, but good on you for doing it. You have inspired me.


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