Thursday, March 3, 2011

Socks and Shoes

How do you put your socks and shoes on?  Is it sock/sock, shoe/shoe?  Or are you a sock/shoe, sock/shoe person?  Watch this before I make my point:

So which are you?  Me, I'm more like Meathead - I'm a sock /shoe, sock/shoe person.  What's this say about me?

I think that people who are sock/shoe, sock/shoe people are risk takers.  Can I get everything done (socks and shoes both) in the time allotted before getting interrupted?  I think sock/sock, shoe/shoe people are more conventional and want their bases covered. 

How does this relate to weight loss?  I think to have even a marginal amount of success you have to take some sort of risk.  Look, starting to exercise SUCKS.  When you're overweight you feel like a complete ass there on the treadmill next to Miss 100 Pounds (as in that's what she weighs, not what she has to lose) and Mr. Hardbody.  I know I did.  My first few times at the gym were EXCRUCIATING.  I felt that everyone was thinking "It's about time fatty got her fat self in here." 

But I took that risk.  I decided I didn't give a flying F what Miss 100 and Mr. Hardbody thought of me.  I wasn't doing this for them.  And each day that I went back, I gained confidence. I owned that time.  That time was / is for ME.  And who knows? Maybe they started out like ME once.

There's nothing wrong with sock/sock, shoe/shoe people.  And seriously, it's all a mindset and not how you actually put on your socks and shoes, people.  For me, sock/sock, shoe/shoe just represents me taking the easy and conventional way out.  The way I was SUPPOSED to be.  Now, I just do things the way they work for ME. 

So how about you?  Ready for the risk?

And you know what else?  Ever since I first watched this clip from All In The Family, I think about it EVERY time I put on socks and shoes.  Every.  Single. Time. 


  1. I feel like that still sometimes but I now I am a regular at my gym so I know everyone and I know thats not how they actually feel. Unluckly I picked the gym that ( at the time I didnt know) is for the beautiful people. After joining my gym and people knew that I was gyming they would ask me what gym I went to and they were like "oh" and later I found out that its because people think that everyone who goes to world is stuck up and thinks they are better than everyone else. So not true and I am glad I got past those feelings but its a godd thing I didnt know about my gym's rep ;)

  2. But...I'm a sock/sock - shoe/shoe person. But I can relate to the Miss 100 and Mr. Hardbody. I keep getting looks. But, like you said, I'm not at the gym for THEM...I'm doing it for ME. And, you know what? I've made progress. I can't SEE it yet, but I can feel it.

    Thanks for this post!!


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