Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easiest Way To Survive A Holiday Meal

Holiday meals (in this case for me, Easter Dinner), are awesome.  So many delicious foods to sample, desserts to gorge on, and this time of year - C A N D Y!!!!

Here's some simple advice on how to survive a holiday meal with your sanity (and nutritional goals) intact:  ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE.  This year, I planned the menu with my mother in law, who is totally supportive of what I'm doing here.  On the menu?  Roasted chicken (yum)!  And I made baked potato wedges, steamed asparagus, lightened up deviled eggs, and brought dinner rolls.  My MIL made this completely and utterly awe-inspiring Dreamsicle Dessert.   I pre-planned what (and the amount) I would have of each thing and there was NO stress. 

I was able allowed myself to enjoy the experience of being with my family and my MIL, of watching the kids on their egg hunt, of having a nice (and not overdone - we usually have two to three times the amount of food we had today) meal with 4 of the most important people in my life.

This is the first holiday meal.... EVER ...... that was not a binge fest.  Where I didn't sneak back into the kitchen for one more bite....two more more bites.  It was heavenly!

Feeling in control is truly a wonderful feeling.

Oh and did I mention that I even had CANDY? 

Happy Easter / Passover, everyone!

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