Monday, April 25, 2011

The Psychology of A Higher-Than-"Normal" Weekly Loss

This week was great!  I lost 3.8 pounds, which put me in striking distance of the 30 pounds lost mark.  I even  did the fist-pump after I got off the scale (three times, just to make sure).  I felt GREAT.  POWERFUL.  INDESTRUCTABLE.

I went to lunch with my family today after a doctor appointment which involved my lady bits (why does everyone at the gyno look at you like you're knocked up?).  The restaurant visit went wonderfully.  I made good, wise choices, and was proud of my effort in that arena.  I *did* want the fried fish and french fries.  Very much so, in fact.  I could almost taste it!  Instead, I had broiled fish with rice and vegetables and guess what?  It was fantastic!  And I left feeling very in control and with it! I was riding the high!

Why is it, then, that this afternoon / evening, I wanted to eat every. freaking. thing I could get my hands on.  I had a few pieces of chocolate and a few chips and I wanted so much more.  Somewhere, buried in my head was a dusty old thought of, "You did a great job last week, Colleen.  Very well done!  You deserve a reward!"  But that dusty old thought?  Yeah, it didn't mean a reward of a song download on iTunes, or a new pack of cute sticky notes (one of my guilty pleasures).  No, it meant, "SOMETHING DELICIOUS." 

Is it an internal sabotage?  Is it simply my obsession with rewards?  Maybe a bit of both?  I didn't go off the deep end (totally could have) but I'm just really trying to figure these feelings out.  I obviously don't want to self-sabotage.  But I've done this time and again.  I've had lots of big weeks followed by much smaller weeks.  I'm not ashamed of anything I did tonight, but do plan to make better choices tomorrow.

Each day is a gift.  Each lesson is a gift.  Will you choose to be thankful for the gifts you've received?  I will.  I refuse to take them for granted.  Last week?  A 3.8 pound loss.  This week?  The downward momentum continues!

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  1. Excellent post. Thank you! And congrats on your stellar loss on the scale this week. All the best.


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