Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bring Your Own Crazy Friday (on a Sunday?)

My friend Joanna at Diary of A Mad Fat Woman turned me on to BYOC, or Bring Your Own Crazy, which Drazil over at It's Just Me, Drazil & Shaniqua hosts each Friday.  I thought I'd throw in this week!


It’s Friday (or in my case, Sunday morning) so that means it’s BYOC day – Bring Your Own Crazy….to five questions we all answer in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blog brains a break! Copy and paste to your own blog and ENJOY!

1. How and why did you first start blogging? And how long have you been blogging?

I first started blogging out of desperation.  I thought, quite literally, that my blog would be a private place for me to express my feelings/frustrations about weight loss.  I felt like I had to scream or something, and that maybe my blog could be my own little private place to do that, because seriously - who would want to read the bitching and complaining and whining and crying of a then-35-year-old woman who was carrying around 100 pounds of extra weight around. 

I started blogging on August 5, 2010 with the post "A Single Step." It was a big leap of faith for me and 189 followers later, I still can't believe anybody would want to read my stuff but I'm SO glad that you do.  The motivation and inspiration I get from the folks who take the time to read what I've written is immesurable.  THANK YOU!

2. Tell me about your perfect mate – if you could invent him/her?

I like a man who I can talk with and laugh with and who gets my slightly (ha!) off-color sense of humor.  Someone who won't make fun of me because I'm overweight or because I can't do something and someone who is kind and gentle with me.  He's someone who doesn't view spending an afternoon alone with his children as "babysitting" and doesn't mind getting his toenails painted by his daughter because it brings her such joy.

He relishes spending hours and hours with me playing board games and watching Battlestar Galactica.  He likes to have a good time and loves making me and our children laugh.  He writes me love letters on important days and never fails to tell me he believes in me when I need an extra boost.  He shares the ups and downs of his work life with me, even if I don't understand them.  He never complains if I've "forgotten" to shave my legs.  He likes to do things with me like read the same book at the same time so we can discuss it.  He tells me I'm sexy even though I don't believe it.

In short, my  perfect mate (for me), is the one I already have.  I enjoy taking care of him and he enjoys taking care of me.  In July we celebrate 14 years together.  We've had our ups and downs like all couples do, but I couldn't imagine my life with anyone else.  For realsies.

3. Do you wear fake eyelashes? Do you want to? Do you use glue or self-stick ones? Do you like how they look?

No - never really entertained the idea.  But then again, I don't really know how to apply makeup properly so maybe when I enlist Charlie over at Operation Shrink Charlie's Big Butt to help me pick out fancy pants for my 70 pounds lost goal, I can get her to teach me about makeup too.

4. Let’s say money was no object and neither was time off to recover – are you an advocate of plastic surgery after weight loss?

I do worry about extra skin as I lose weight.  I notice things becoming wobbly and shaky.  I'm doing my best with strength training and lots of water so as much of my skin will shrink with me as possible.  I don't know if I could justify the cost of surgery after weight loss but I would certainly consider having things tucked and nipped afterward if money was no object.  And I'll be honest with you.  I'd LOVE to have perky boobies again.  No lie.

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.

My blog has suffered a bit lately since I've been back from vacation but I'm slowly getting back into blog land.  In real life, though, my weight loss life has been great.  Although from Friday at dinner until last night when I went to bed I ate more than I normally would but nothing I'd be ashamed about.  I still expect a loss this week and quite honestly I've worked out more this week than in any single other week before, so I feel great!

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  1. Happy to have you do BYOC! Happy to follow you too!


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