Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Transformation Of My Attitude Toward Shopping

Quite sometime ago (approximately half a lifetime ago - or around 6 months ago), I wrote a post called "Honesty."  In it, I detailed how I always took the stance that I hated shopping for clothing and that was true.  I hated the whole ritual of it - the driving to the department store, the selection of clothes to try on (totally made my hands sweat), the actual trying stuff on, the crying after in the dressing room at how I looked in the clothes I "tried" on (I'm not kidding about the "trying" part).  When you're 100 pounds overweight, clothes shopping sucks balls. 

In the recent past, however, I have taken a few VERY short shopping trips.  And by short I mean we happen to be in the town that has the Kohl's store and I happen to have a 20% off coupon or a $10 off coupon and I want to see what I can do with it.  I LOVE Kohl's for housewares and the girls clothing.  But for me?  Usually a little pricey for my taste (did I mention I'm a cheap-ass?) and then there was the whole "shopping" thing I was hung up on.  But guess what? I tried a few things on in a size 1X.  They fit.  I looked pretty.  Did you hear that?  I felt like I looked pretty.  I didn't cry in the dressing room after trying stuff on.  I smiled at myself.  I LOOKED at myself in the mirror.  All angles, ya'll.  I'm very happy to say I'm the proud new owner of three new shirts, all a size 1x, that fit me and look good on me.  And I got great deals on them.

After I bought the last shirt, I said to my husband, "I actually like this shopping thing.  Better watch out!"  With the emergence of my beloved collarbones, I feel more feminine.  I feel more "normal" (not a word I usually use).  I feel more LIKE WHO I REALLY AM.

All I have to say is my friend Beth better look out.  20 more pounds lost and I'm taking her shopping with me!

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