Saturday, July 30, 2011

Product Review - Nike Zoom Structure Running Shoes

First off, let me  just say that the following review was in no way sanctioned or asked for by Nike.  Everything I've got so say comes from my very own brain and they're all my very own words (some even made up!)  I paid for these shoes with my own money, though I wouldn't thumb my nose if Nike wanted to throw any other free stuff my way.

That being said.....for some reason several weeks ago, I got the itch to do more than walk.  So I went to the park one morning where we have a really nice 1.5 mile walking trail.  I thought I'd walk some/jog some.  what a wonderful idea!   Until I got such severe crazy-blisters on my toes that I could barely walk back to my vehicle.  It was ridiculous. 

I reached out to my Facebook and Twitter crews and the advice I got was pretty unanimous - I needed new shoes.  Not only were mine ill-fitting, but apparently running shoes and walking shoes are totally different.  Who knew. (Obviously not me).

So for a few days I thought about whether I really wanted to get into this running thing.  And in the back of my mind I knew I did.  So I went to a semi-local store and talked at length with the sales associate about running shoes and the troubles I had been having.  She recommended a few different things to me, but these are the ones I fell in love with.

They're called the Nike Zoom Structure running shoe and let me tell you.  When I put these babies on, it's like walking on my own personal cute little gray and purple clouds.  I have NEVER worn any kind of shoe more comfortable than this one.  When the time came to try them out for actually "wogging" (what I'm doing these days - a hybrid of walking and jogging), I couldn't have been happier with them.  They have a large toe box and I got zero blisters of any kind.  My feet did not hurt.  My shins did not hurt.  They are exceptionally comfortable.

Beware sizing, however.  My shoes are normally a size 9.5 - but my running shoes are a size 11.  I'm sure this would vary from brand to brand, but I was told to make sure you have a thumb's width of room between the shoe and your big toe.  This is fabulous for me as I hate the feeling of having my toes trapped in a shoe.  All I'm saying is make sure you try several sizes before you settle on one.  

The price tag seemed pretty average comparatively to other brands offering the same kinds of features.  In the store I bought them, they retailed for $95.00.  I don't know about you but I can be pretty frugal when it comes to things like shoes.  I though that a very large sum for a pair of shoes.  Luckily my husband has the right attitude about them and brought me around too - they're an investement.

I have zero complaints about this shoe.  I have been using them about three weeks now and each wear is more pleasant than the last.  I highly recommend this style of shoe for beginners (like myself) who need a little more room in the toe.  These shoes are EASILY the most comfortable athletic shoe I've ever worn.


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