Saturday, September 24, 2011

Preparing for This Morning's 5k

Today's the day....the day that looked so far off just a few months ago, and here it is.  I'm having a lot of "Why did I want to do this again" and "What have I gotten myself into" this morning.  I know that once I start running all will be fine.  It will just be me, the road, and my iPod (I created a new playlist especially for the event last night including such musical wonderfulness as AC/DC, Eagles of Death Metal, Fear Factory, Iron Maiden, The Ramones, The Rubberbandits, Slayer, and Judas Priest).

The truth is I can't wait for so many reasons.  I can't believe that I've stuck with C25K thus far (today's technically W7D3) and have progressively made my body stronger over the course of these past months.  I put my "I want it now!" attitude on the back burner and trusted and followed the program.  It feels good.  And I'm not done - I'm going to follow the program to the finish no matter what happens today.

I want to show my daughters that hard work is worth it and that fitness can be fun - and that even when you doubt yourself, you're stronger than you think you are.

Mostly, though - I want to prove to myself how strong I am.  Because ya know what?  I am.

I'll do a race recap at some point this weekend.  Wish me luck, and get out and do something WONDERFUL for yourself this weekend!

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